How many keratin hair extensions do I need for a full head?

When people often deal with hair extensions, you may wonder how many strands you need to achieve a good result, but there is no unique answer because you have to start from the effect, if you want to better understand what you want to spend on it.

Although some time ago, hair extensions were just a way to have longer hair, now, thanks to the amazing hair quality we have and the development of trends, for example, we could think of hair extensions to continue having short hair.

A great hair extension color ring could help you easily change your hair color without “really” changing your natural hair, or you could be thinking about adding extensions just because your head isn't thick enough so you want more volume .

So, based on your needs, there are different amounts of hair extensions for different results, and therefore different costs.

How many pieces of hair extensions are enough for a full head?

To apply Keratin-bond hair extensions to the entire head, you need 125 to 150 strands with an application time of between 90 and 15 minutes.

How many strands and time do I need for a volume effect?

If you want to add volume to your natural hair, it is not necessary to fill the entire head with hair extensions, as applying them to the upper back of the head and the sides is enough to get a nice volume. In this case, you will need 50-75 strands applied in 45-90 minutes.

How many hair extensions do I need for a color or highlight effect?

The latest reason to choose hair extensions is to prevent the natural hair from being bleached and colored to keep it healthy from chemical ingredients. Indeed, thanks to the luxurious color ring, it is easily possible to create a highlighting effect, for example using blonde locks on auburn natural hair, or adding just a few hair extensions in a crazy color to treat yourself for a special occasion or just to satisfy your vanity.

In these cases, the number of strands to apply depends on the desired color effect!