What are the application systems for hair extensions?

There are mainly four types of application systems:

- apply with keratin (hot)
- applying tape
- apply with micro rings
- apply with clips

Hair extensions with keratin

Hair extensions with keratin are characterized by a keratin nail to which the hair is anchored in strands. Application is done with a hot tool that melts the keratin so it can be hooked to the base of the client's natural hair with special tongs.

The application lasts an hour or an hour and a half and is the most resistant to time and stress: for example, it is ideal for a very active and sporty lifestyle. An application of keratin hair extensions can last more than six months: after removal with a special remover, the hair cannot be used again.

Hair extensions met tape

With hair extensions with double-sided tape, the hair strands are attached to a thin adhesive strip that is attached to the roots of the customer's natural hair. Application is done with a mounting clamp in a simple and quick way (a basic application is possible in 20 minutes). Applying hair extensions with double-sided tape can take about three months: after removal with special remover, the hair can be reused up to three times by simply replacing the double-sided tape before reapplying

Hair extensions met microringen

With hair extensions with rings, the extensions are attached to the customer's natural strands with metal rings that are pressed with special pliers. Installing this system takes some time, but is quite durable (up to 6 months). After disassembly, the hair can be reused by replacing the rings for a new application.

Hair extensions met clips

Clip-on hair extensions anchor hair strands to clips that are attached to the customer's natural hair without chemicals or glue. This is the fastest application system and can be installed and removed in minutes, even at the customer's home. It is usually only used for temporary needs such as events, etc. Clip-in hair extensions do not have a fixed duration, but if properly maintained they can last for many years.